"Since 1985 we realize Hydraulic Integrated Systems designed on customer specific requirements"

Hydro Systems Group

Leading company in the Design and Implementation of Hydraulic and Electronics Automation targeting the Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Mechanical sector.

About us

Hydro System Group Srl (HSG) is a leading company in the Design and Implementation of Mechanical, Hydraulics and, Electronics Automation systems targeting the Naval, Industrial and, Oil & Gas fields.

As a Parker Partner in the role of a certified distributor, HSG has set itself on the market where the challenges of product customization are an indispensable requirement for the customer.

The complexity of customer requests has made the company a highly motivated structure for innovation. Drawing, 3D simulation and structural analysis software today provide complete systems alongside all analysis studies. The prototyping workshop is internal, allowing you to test and test the theoretical studies directly within the company with ever-shorter cost and time.

The business sectors targeted at HSG are basically four: Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas and, Mechanical.

The naval industry is our key sector and is fragmented into two divisions, pleasure and business. The pleasure division caters to clients and companies managing private yachts while the business division consists of fleets of merchant ships and passenger ships/vessels. HSG plays an important role in providing custom made solutions for products that are not available in the market.

The industrial market includes the supply of all those manufacturing and process plants that each industry needs for productions ranging from steel, plastic, and wood.

Oil and Gas with monitoring and process equipment are the second fields for HSG with International companies rely on our products and professionalism.

Mechanical field means every custom spare part can be engineered and produced internally with our CNC drill and lathe machines.

Today our customer base is made up of more than a thousand names both Italian and foreign.

Where we work

The territories where HSG conducts its action are all round.

In the new continent there is a service point in Miami and a support yard in South America.

In Europe, both in Greece and in Turkey, there are certified dealers who can guarantee worldwide service on all our systems and products.

In North Europe, some collaborations are being developed that will enable us to have a service point in Germany in the near future.

Our services

All of this, keeping in mind, is our greatest commitment as a parent in providing all the support you need at all times through our direct service.

With our experience, we can offer the client an ordinary or/and extraordinary worldwide service for all hydraulic, electronic and mechanical systems.

We have qualified senior engineers to handle these cases, allowing the customers to take a step back from the process while we resolve the problem.

Our partners

HSG has grown in recent years, counting on the pre-expertise and skills of companies with whom it collaborates on a daily basis.

First of all, PARKER HANNIFIN as a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and control equipment.